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Solid Shampoo Bar - Eco Living

Wild Fig Shampoo Bar - I tried the fig shampoo bar last night and my hair feels so clean and soft.  It has brushed lovely and is sooooo soft. 

Helen Jan 2021

Ocean Breeze Shampoo Bar - I use conditioner religiously but I use your shampoo bar without conditioner now and it's like a dream!!!!! So bizarre.

Rhian - Feb 2021

Autumn Berries Shampoo Bar - Holy guacamole! Where to start... the soap bar shampoos are amazing!! I tend to struggle to find a shampoo that doesn’t irritate my scalp. Irritation usually starts straight away or once my hair is dry after an hour or so. But these are an absolute game changer! The lather was so much better than I thought it would be. My hair feels amazing with out feeling like it’s wearing a thick layer of ick on it. It the scent is suttle and not overpowering. The ends of my hair are in much need of a cut but this shampoo has made it look less extreme. I took a photo after drying and then took a photo after putting straighteners on the end to compare. I honestly can’t recommend this product enough! I’m even feeling like I won’t have to wash it everyday roll on tomorrow when I can out that to the test.  Sarahjane Feb 21

Autumn Berries Shampoo Bar - I hadn't wore my hair down in a very long time, but with just one wash with the Berry shampoo my hair was transformed. Smells amazing too.  Kerry Feb 21

Wild Fig - Gorgeous smell and incredible lather, this shampoo is just great and the fact it is plastic-free is a bonus. Leaves my hair soft, bouncy and I’ve really cut down on my conditioner use since I started using it, which means I don’t have to wash so often.  Katie Mar 21


Kitchen Reviews

Pan Brush - I love this brush! It gets really burnt-on bits off everything and is safe to use on my beloved cast-iron pans (which I never let a scourer near). It has lovely wide bristles so that it rinses well and looks good on the draining board.  Katie Mar 21