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Starter Box

Starter Box

If you are new to the zero waste / sustainable movement it can be quite daunting trying to figure out where to start.  How do you change those habits of a lifetime?  


My idea is to simply change one product or one habit at a time.  Keep it simple.   


Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth

Shower instead of filling up the bath

Need a new toothbrush?  Choose bamboo 

Ditch the clingfilm and use glass jars and reusable wrap for food storage instead


Not all changes cost money as you can see from the few ideas above.   Choose one item or one habit to change and keep doing it until it becomes so normal that you no longer think about it.  And then once that change is established, choose another one to tackle.  Keep it simple but do keep trying!


Soon enough, you'll be so accustomed to making changes to your lifestyle that it will no longer feel daunting. 


So on that note, this Starter Box contains 3 items;


Shampoo Bar




You can mix and match the fragrance for each item in your box to suit your tastes.  Please send me a message with your preferances.


Make the change.  One product at a time.